Sunday, 6 January 2013

Busy Weekend

Meow everyone!

Oh it's been a busy weekend! My author has been oh so busy, writing, editing and typing....I think I got the order right. Oh and I kept a very close eye on him! Hehe

This is a good spot, the window ledge in the study, but it gets really warm and cosy, so I do end up dozing off if I am not careful. But from here I can peek out and watch him type.

Friday, 4 January 2013

Meow everyone
We have sun! No smell of wet dog today, phew they pong when they have been out in the rain! Its the downside of sharing a house with 3 mutts. Even if they are pedigrees they can still have that not so delicate aroma of wet dog!

Oh boy yesterday was a busy day!
I had to help take the Christmas tree down, the baubles were finally MINE ALL MINE!!!! I have managed to hide a few under the sofa that my humans don't know about hehe

But then after a quick after lunch kitty nap I realised I had nowhere to hide while I kept an eye on my author! Horror, I would now be spotted. the tree was my way of making sure he was there writing his book.

I managed to fit in a few naps before bedtime and a good job too, Mrs Fox was busy in the garden last calling to her daughters. But I think she knows I am on guard at night, she didn't come anywhere near the house....oh I am good, I may be small....but the local wildlife know I am fierce!

yawn, I think I need to fit in a quick nap before lunch, and I know just the spot - the sunny window ledge in the study, and I can keep one eye open on my author, he is typing up his notes today. Maybe if I hide behind the curtain....and try not to purr, I can find out more about this mutant cat and where it fits in to his book. Yep I am a Kitten on a mission!
Signing off for now

Arwen KittenKat

Thursday, 3 January 2013

Meow - Forget the X-Factor, this is Cute Factor! 
Yes this is me, Arwen KittenKat.....defending my author from dangerous baubles! 

Time: 01.45am
Mission: To patrol and guard the house

Yes I know we share the house with 3 dogs, but these guys sleep all night! The only canine activities here are snoring, dreaming and breaking wind!

So it's down to me to protect my humans, and do they realise I risk life and limb every night for them? No! they have no idea. In return all I expect is a few treats now and then, Oh and  a new catnip toy wouldn't go amiss/ Back to work, mice don't catch themselves you know. See you all tomorrow.

Oh I nearly forgot, the laughing earlier.....something about a mutant cat with lots of tails, and here was me thinking he was writing a comedy! Night all, stay safe

Arwen KittenKat

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Meow everyone!

Well as my author Richard is busy writing with the old fashioned pen and paper, while the keyboard is free....I thought I would have a play on his Apple, and hey its easy. Well sort of easy. I think I prefer the laptop though, that has fish on it. I think he called it a 'screensaver'. All I know is, if he ignores it for long enough my fish come out for a swim, and they don't mind me chasing them around....not one bit!

Uh oh I hear giggling from downstairs.......that can only mean one thing, she thinks he has written something funny. I think I had better go and investigate.

Arwen KittenKat